From suffering Kwashiorkor to promising life

Nyaruguru district, Kibeho sector, the community with children suffering from kwashiorkor and stunting due to malnutrition has changed to a promising life,

This came after they formed the cooperatives and they were educated on how to prepare balanced diet and the activities that could earn money,

In a media tour organized by Rwanda Biomedical Centre (RBC) in partnership with Jhpiego under the project entitled maternal and child survival program (MSCP), they have worked together towards fighting and reducing malnutrition and stunting,

The community have revealed to the journalists that they have benefited a lot from forming cooperatives,

“This project has supported us financially and changed our mindset unlike before, we had little food but we did not know how to prepare it,” said Miss Therese  Kabano of six children

Stressing that kwashiorkor has made her children’s life miserable, but now it looks promising after getting the tips on how to prepare a balanced diet,

Miss Collete Mushimiyimana in charge of nutrition at Kibeho HC, said that they  have equipped community on different ways of uplifting their livelihood including behavior change, raising awareness, supporting their financial activities and tipping them on how to prepare the balanced diet,

Miss. Yabaragiye Delphine a resident of Kibeho sector, said that community in the first category of Ubudehe are getting Nutri Mama to uproot malnutrition problem which led their children to suffer from kwashiorkor,

“We are given Nutri total and advised on having the garden at home known as Akarima k’igikoni  and  Kibeho HC is always equipping us on how to prepare the balanced diet,” Miss Yabaragiye added

According to Mr. Pascal Musoni In charge of  maternal and  child survival program  (MCSP) in Jhpiego said,  Nyaruguru community has no problem with food rather mindset and technics of preparing the balanced diet,

‘The food is not scarce in the area and the people are not poor in actual sense, the problem is lack of knowledge on turning the available food into balanced diet,” stressed Mr. Musoni

Mr. Anasthase Karemera Nyaruguru district health officer said that in 2012 they had 2332  of children suffering from kwashiorkor, but currently the list went down to 147 children

He added that the kwashiorkor is becoming a history in the area, notably they are putting too much efforts to uproot the stunting problem,

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