Healed of long-time fistula, Musanabera recovers hope for life

Mrs. Caritas Musanabera, 32, lives in Cyahinda Sector, Nyaruguru District in Southern Province. She suffered from fistula for more than seven years.

She got to know she had a fistula in 2008 when she was going to deliver her first born, unfortunately, the baby died in none circumstance causes which she could not explain well by the time she talked to the press.

She was later operated in 2016 and relieved of the grief she had suffered for over seven years, living a desperate life, challenged, unsocial, and in misery.

Having the disease, the community rejected Musanabera and she never wished to be with people, not because it was her choice but rather the situation forced her to live with a prolonged stigma.

Speaking to Acquillatimes, her blissful face reveals all after the operation.

“I never thought that life would be back to normal. I have got a welcome-back to my community and the stigma is no more,” she said with a smile.

“I could be seated and the urine comes out without my knowledge. My husband never slept well. He had to be patient but never enjoyed the happiness of having a wife” narrated a rejoicing woman.

She extended her thanks to the government of Rwanda to have catered for her and paid her medical bill.

The authorities speak out

Mr. Karemera Athanase, Nyaruguru health district director said that 23 women were confirmed suffering from the disease, nine have been operated and healed including Mrs. Caritas Musanabera, other nine on the list to be operated this month and four are on pending list.

 What is fistula?

Dr. Ntwali Ndizeye Jerome a gynecologist, director of Muhima Hospital is among the specialists who operated Musanabera, he gives us in depth the causes, prevention, and advice on the disease,

He said that it is pathology communication between two organs, it can be bloodier and Virgina, abdomen, if one one organ open to drain another organ, there you can say there is the fistula.

Genital fistula is when the vagina is in communication with another organ, either bloodier or rectum,

Main Causes found in Rwanda are obstetrical when the mother wants to deliver a baby, it can also be from the complication of a surgery, during the period of surgery like cesarean.

Radiation is found in western countries, this destroys the tissues and create the fistula,

The children under 10 years can acquire the disease

He stressed that the cases of 4years and 7years were found and operated from fistula related to legs, there was penetration between Virginia and rectum,

He advised expectant mothers to attend the health facilities when they are going to deliver, saying that someone can easily acquire fistula because of prolonged labor, the time a baby was stuck for long period and all the tissues surrounding the vagina start to be ischemic and necrotic the vagina lost tissue and it recreates,

He warned  some mothers who want to deliver at home where they have no people to help them,

avoid the teenager marriage, early marriage and young girl to deliver, the fistula can be cured, however, when the tissue are lousy after losing big part of bloodier and even after repair you are still linking, because the blood is too short to comply, there are people with no blood at all and there are those with no vagina because all the tissues surrounding was gone, those you can’t do anything,

He slammed those who still believe in the past thinking there is no cure for fistula, there is a service notably in Rwanda don’t hide in the community, find someone to comfort you and follow up on you to see how you can be treated

Why are Ruhengeri and Kibagabaga hospital the place for operation?

Because it takes more than two weeks, it requires having many operating theaters where you can perform your surgery easily without any problem,

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