Qualities of Highly Successful Entrepreneurs

When entrepreneurship is coupled with heart, old ways of doing things poorly can be disrupted with pain solving innovations.

In my first article, I explained how you can start exercising your entrepreneurial muscles by thinking in terms of problems and solutions. Now that you have been seeing the world in the eyes of an entrepreneur, what character traits do you need in order to make a success of a new company? As we go through those traits one at a time, take stock of your own character to see which ones you already have and which ones you will have to cultivate.

The lives of entrepreneurs are focussed by heart, not by the head. The urges of the heart drive them toward whatever goals they have chosen to pursue. Those people who detach the head from the heart work in large corporations or bureaucratic organizations where they apply their intellects to the success of the company and their own vertical ascent within it. They had hearts at one time, of course, but the corporations had them carefully removed. They become frustrated because their work requires them to do the wrong thing occasionally – to keep silent when they should speak up or to stab a co-worker in the back. Entrepreneurs do not have to deal with these frustrations, although they may have endured them earlier in life. Unlike the corporate workers, they no longer “eat their hearts out.”

If you are driven by your heart , you will be optimistic. You will be sure that you can beat the competition, particularly the large corporations, because people with heart beat people without heart. The reason for this is simple: people with heart knows what drives people without heart but people without heart do not know how people with heart play the game. Thus people with heart build their unique products and pluck from the large corporations the most intelligent people to join their teams. These new recruits, the corporate achievers, get their hearts back along with some stake in what they are doing, and they “work smart,” attacking the weak points of the corporations they know so well.


 is another entrepreneur whose heart drives him to improve the lives of others. His company, , founded in 1998, supports the . This organization was setup to invest in holistic community development in Zimbabwe, Lesotho, Burundi and South Africa by providing a mix of programs that are aimed at making beneficiaries and communities more resilient and converting them into vibrant ecosystems. These programs are in education, health and evangelism.


By David Silver

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