Meet Munyemana, the brain behind Vuga English Application

It’s no secret that most job advertisements today carry a line suggesting that knowledge of certain languages is an added advantage. This aside, anyone who has traveled beyond their country’s borders will attest to the benefits of being able to speak many languages.

One such opportunity has been grasped by Gilbert Munyemana, a budding tech entrepreneur who founded Vuga- English application, which loosely translated as ‘speak English application’ that helps students who don’t understand native language Kinyarwanda to understand the local language in their coursework.

The application also helps the students in lower classes to understand English and Kinyarwanda and a translation of both languages respectively to the primary kids, primary and even secondary students who are slow learners.

He believes that through his tech company innovation students will positively impact their performance and intellectual setting of their lives. He says many will be able to communicate English, Kinyarwanda, Kiswahili and French fluently which will help them with an added advantage of being competitive on the job markets regionally and internationally

The 31-year old entrepreneur Munyemana, say he loved to work on his own and his childhood dreams were to invest technological innovations that would help students succeeding in their studies. “African students need to study in order to attain sustainable development of their continent,” he says.

He says this prompted him to Master in Educational Technology from University Witwatersrand in South-Africa. He left a good pay-rolls in a good organization where he was acting as Project Manager of the Teacher Self Learning Academy at Plan International Rwanda and invested in the Innovation.

He says, bridging the knowledge gaps and building a knowledge-based society by merging efficient use of ICT and digitalizing education in Rwanda would change the lives and brighten their future tomorrow.


“I was inspired by the need to contribute to building knowledge-based society with learning and interaction.  On some international job applications, linguistic skills are desirable that’s why I thought such innovation would help students not only in passing classwork with high grades but also to prepare their employability after school.

He adds as Rwanda is moving speedily in joining international membership like East African Community and others introducing the toolkit that would help them in understanding languages that would manage them to communicate with different kinds of people would be timely.       

He says he is gearing to inculcate the usage of the Vuga Application in the nursery curriculum through the collaboration of the Ministry of Education to be able to sustain the kids in kindergarten understand languages as well as fostering the E-Learning.

 “I am also looking forward to taking this application to MAHAMA Refugee camps to help students living in those camps access who don’t attend have the chance to attend physical classrooms to study through digital education,” he reminisced.

About Vuga -Application

Vuga English application was introduced in 2014 and the app has 2200 word and phrases used in Kinyarwanda which is translated to English with proper Kinyarwanda- English pronunciation with the target help slow learners excel in languages and boost their performance.

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