Mr. Inanc Ciftci, the Honorary Consul of Rwanda to Turkey

Mr. Inanc Ciftci was born in Ankara on 22 nd April 1971. He is currently the Vice chairman and education promoter (Investor) at University of

He studied in local Turkish public schools and finally graduated from Istanbul University with a bachelor’s degree in Physics. His first stint at employment was marketing manager in 1989 at AAC – a leading textile manufacturing company in Istanbul at that time.

Mr. Inanc, left employment in 1997, to start his own company named “Inanc Telecom Communication Service,’’ providing quality telecommunication services in Istanbul and managing to provide employment to 134 administrative staff within a span of 16 years.

Mr. Inanc Ciftci in his pastime loves to engage in sports; swimming and bicycle riding are his favorites. As a matter of fact, he intends to join University of Kigali’s riding team just for the love of the sport, not at a professional level.

This is inspired by belief in staying fit and healthy – body, spirit and mind! He cherishes the fact that Rwanda has a car-free day / sports day every first Sunday of the month providing a perfect platform to ride a bicycle, walk or engage in his other favorite sports.

Mr. Inanc was appointed as the Honorary Consul of Rwanda to Turkey and he formalized this engagement by visiting Rwanda on 17 th June 2011 to officially meet the president and present his credentials. After this initial meeting the president, he was impressed with Rwanda’s amazing transformation post conflict, mainly due to impressive leadership style of HE President Paul Kagame and his government. He
then made a commitment to make a contribution to Rwanda’s development as well.

On 17 June 2011 President Kagame received in his office Mr. Inanc Ciftci./PHOTO Internet

In 2011, Mr. Inanc managed to rescue 33 Rwandan students in Libya to
Rwanda (from the Arab spring war) with the collaboration of the
Turkish government.

“I would encourage people who haven’t been to Africa and especially
Rwanda to come visit this amazing country” he quipped.

He also decided to sample the county’s key tourism attractions, hence a visit to
all national parks, resorts, waterfalls etc. proved to be quite fun.

Mr. Inanc goes on to say, that despite Rwanda being a small country, it’s being managed like a Fortune 500 company, with HE President Kagame being at the helm (CEO) of Rwanda Inc. He’s impressed by the levels of accountability and a commitment to steer Rwanda to the same status as Singapore by 2020!

He takes cognizance of the fact that good governance is a key cornerstone to attracting investments to any country in Africa – President Kagame has learnt the secret and Rwanda now is a ‘’success story’’ that other African countries want to benchmark with!

In the spirit of bridging the Skills & Capacity Gap in Rwanda, Mr. Inanc
decided to Invest in the Education Sector of the country, to provide a platform that will build the much needed human capital pivotal to Rwanda’s economic transformation.

He got into partnership with local investors to set up the University of Kigali after officially getting a License from the Education Council in 2013. Now UOK is ranked
amongst the best Universities in Rwanda due to its superior academic offering.

The government of Rwanda has made Education for the citizens its key priority and to this end is currently giving full scholarships to bright and needy students who would like to pursue University Education but lack school fees.

At a lower level, the Rwandan government has built schools providing nine years basic primary education and six year secondary education for all.


Inanc Ciftci and his team have a vision to make University of Kigali a pinnacle of excellence and to feature amongst the top ten universities in Africa.

Currently, University of Kigali is the biggest private university in Rwanda with about 7000 students. In order to be competitive in the African Education Landscape, Inanc and his partners are continuously investing in the requisite infrastructure both structural and functional while at the same time instilling a strict code of discipline, a key ingredient to academic excellence!

Inanc Ciftci has glaring credentials both at a personal and professional
level :
1. Inanc Ciftci with the collaboration of the Turkish government,managed to rescue 33 Rwandan innocent students from Libya, during the violent revolutionary Arab Spring war.

2. Partnership with two local investors to set up University of Kigali. He’s currently working on forging strategic partnerships with Turkish and American Ivy league universities to foster opportunities for benchmarking/student exchange programs in a
bid to enhance the quality standards at University of Kigali.

3. HE Paul Kagame the President of the Republic of Rwanda with Mr. Inanc and other businessmen in Turkey. Mr. Inanc was very instrumental in getting Turkish Airlines to set up shop in Kigali, Rwanda.

He took cognizance of the fact that ‘’connectivity’’ from an aviation perspective would be key to engendering the bilateral relationship between both countries while at the same time fostering international trade amongst countries that Turkish airlines connects with.

4. Mr. Inanc being a savvy businessman with a knack for strategic investments also noticed a gap in Rwanda’s Energy sector. To this end, he was instrumental in getting HAKAN LTD, a Turkish firm to sign a Power Purchase and Concession Agreement with the Government of Rwanda through the Ministry of Infrastructure under a BOT framework to Design, Build, Finance, Own & Operate an 80-Megawatt Peat Power Plant in Rwanda in 2016.

They intend to start supplying power to the grid by end of 2019. HAKAN Ltd,
will provide the much needed power to fuel Rwanda’s Industrialization Agenda.

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