Green party  for Rwanda’s parliamentary campaign promises to increase  the salaries for teachers, if elected.

KIREHE: Ensuring security personnel’s welfare through increasing teachers salaries will be a top priority for Green party, Dr. Frank Habineza told supporters on Tuesday in Kigina sector, Kirehe district.

Upon  the arrival, DGPR was welcomed by The Mayor of Kirehe, Gerard Muzungu, saying it was their constitutional right to campaign.

He also assured the party and others of security urging Kirehe residents to listen to all candidates in order to make informed decisions and vote for members of parliament who would play an important role in the country’s development.

“I will advocate for laws that priotises the teachers’  work and security personnel will be boosted notably increasing their salaries”. He explained the manifesto to the press and supporters at the rally.

“Pushing for laws that empower security personnel and teachers by increasing their salaries will be our top priority. This will be done by engaging other lawmakers,” he said.

Sylvestre Hitimana, the party vice-president and  candidate promised to tackle the African main problems including insecurity, instability, corruption, inequality, and promote democracy.

He also pointed on  inequality in salaries saying that  Green Party would solve the problem if elected.

“We will make sure if,  the director  of an institution gets Rwf1 million, the lowest worker should get at least a tenth percent of their director’ salary,” he told supporters at the rally.

Francine Murekase, party candidate requested the citizens to vote for Green party assuring them to push for the removal of taxes for people venturing into a business that does not exceed Rwf2 million.

National Electoral Commission approved 521 candidates out of the 539 who had shown interest, both from political parties and independents.

Parties and independent candidates will canvass for support from the electorate up to September 1,according to the calendar by the National Electoral Commission (NEC). The elections are scheduled from 2-4 September.“`

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