Kagame urges Muhanga residents on cooperation in nation building

President Paul Kagame has called upon Muhanga District residents to play an active role in cooperating towards national building just as they did during the liberation struggle back in 1990s.

Kagame was speaking Wednesday in Rongi Sector of Muhanga District at the celebration of 24th anniversary of liberation of the country from genocidal government.

Rongi sector is made up of former Nyakabanda and Nyabikenke Communes. In 1997-1999, the region was disturbed by invaders mostly dominated by the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi perpetrators who had fled the country.

Kagame hailed people’s role in fighting back the invaders and requested them to keep the momentum of national reconstruction.

“We should cooperate in journey of development in the same way we cooperated during the liberation struggle. This is related to our history. Liberation struggle was worthy and the beginning of rebuilding a developed country,” he said.

“We wish for similar cooperation like that which characterized us during the liberation struggle and related activities which were so complicated; that is how we should cooperate in the economic, social welfare and security journey. Leaders cannot achieve once there is no cooperation between leadership and the people,” he added.

Former Ndiza Commune is home to the former Prime Minister, Jean Kambanda in the government that implemented the genocide.


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