RIB officers to get special uniform

Officers from the recently established Rwanda Investigation Bureau (RIB) will soon be given a uniform that will distinguish their identity from other law enforcers.

RIB took over some of the functions formerly exercised by the Rwanda National Police, such as criminal and counter-terrorism investigation, economic and financial crimes investigation and crime intelligence.

Speaking to the press, Wednesday, RIB’s Secretary General, Col. Jeannot Ruhunga, said he new uniform will be unveiled soon.

“So far, what distinguished us from others was a duty card that indicated that one worked for the judicial sector. Now, we’ve decided to bring in a special uniform that clearly be used to identify a RIB officer from other law enforcers,” he said.

RIB announced that it will take up to four months for the investigators to have the said uniform.

Rwanda Investigation Bureau has powers to arrest and detain suspects in criminal cases; restrict access to an area or set up a roadblock for the purposes of maintaining security, preventing and detecting crimes.

Officiating the Bureau, 463 police officers previously working under CID plus other officers from different departments were also transferred to RIB, immediately shedding off their status as police officers.


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