Stop questioning school girls’ uniform—Amb. Olivier Nduhungirehe tells general public

The State Minister in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Cooperation and East African Community Affairs, Amb. Olivier Nduhungirehe has refuted the general public’s call to revise the school girls’ mini-skirt uniforms which look inappropriate.

Through his twitter handle, Nduhungirehe said that such claims are outdated.

“It is miserable that girls are always targeted due to their dressing code. This is not the problem with this era,” he said responding to the article.

He said that the problem is not with school girls, but men who always look at them and recommend how they should dress.

“The issue here is not the girls’ skirt, but the man who always looks at her, controls and suggests how she should dress. We need to stop this nonsense,” he noted.

The Minister of Justice, Johnston Busingye resounded Nduhungirehe’s notion saying that “thank you minister, this self-instituted moral policing is uncalled for.”

Different people who reacted on twitter said that the issue should be looked at from culture and family values.

Hassan Kubwimana said that such dressing code is inappropriate and should change as well.

“On the road, people might not care of those dresses, but the problem is with teachers (male) and school boys, those dresses should be revised, they are inappropriate,” he said on twitter.

What MINEDUC instructions say?

Article 24 of the Ministerial Instructions no 001 of 10 May 2017 establishing guidelines for setting up general or TVET, nursery, primary or secondary school’s internal rules and regulations says that at the school, all students shall wear the style of clothing determined by the school.

“The female students must wear uniform of the school of size that reaches the level of below the knee but not being too long,” reads the Ministry of Education (MINEDUC) instructions.

MINEDUC instructions say that the internal rules and regulations of the school shall determine how uniform should be won either for girls or boys.

Article 25 of the instruction says that the school should specify that to put sliding products into the hair, to make up nails, mouth, eyebrows, eyes and wear jewels among others is forbidden.


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