Will the parliamentarians ever deliver on the voters’ premises?

RUBAVU: Democratic Green Party Of Rwanda held a rally on friday at Mahoko centre, Rubavu district that attracted high popularity than ever.

Upon their arrival, Alex Mugisha party candidate, along with his other party candidates and members, was welcomed by his supporters chanting the party name and manifesto.

DGPR emphasizes on eradicating poverty, land taxes, creating job opportunities for the youths, striving for reduction of unemployment, establishing a national security council and ensuring a better civil-military relations model, promoting economic growth without environmental degradation, championing the respect of all fundamental freedom as enshrined in the constitution.

We are requesting your votes and we will not let you down once you vote for DGPR, notably a lot has been advocated before and government has considered some but our presence in the parliament will make us push for laws that suits to solve your concerns including high taxes, lack of professional captains and effective water transport system in the lake, said Mugisha.

He also emphasized that DGPR members of parliament would promote citizen participation in law formulation once voted for in the September elections.

The residents of Mahoko vowed to vote for DGPR  citing the convincing manifesto and coming at the right time to voice their concerns, some they, however, questioned the manifesto saying that abolition of land taxes will not be possible, and they stressed that most of the previous lawmakers have promised the same but all were lies.

According to Fabien Siborurema of 64, said, the previous MPs promised but they never fulfilled.

“I am convinced for DGPR manifesto and i will vote for the party but these lawmakers have never delivered on what they promise us during campaigns and they do not create an environment for job opportunities to our children,”. said Siborurema.

He added that they are here to look for seats in parliament in order to get money for their own families and they will not look back once we vote for them.


We are taxed from small thing to big and no single member of parliament has ever cared to advocate for us,  our concerns will never be addressed unless we vote those who have citizens at heart.


Claude Dushime of 18, a student in A-level, who is ready to cast the vote for the first time stressed how the taxes are huge on the citizens.

“I wonder who send these people to collect taxes from a car which parks for few seconds while on its way to the destination, notably this is happening on every small item you possess, the lawmakers would consider our plea and push them forward,”.Said Dushime.

National Electoral Commission approved 521 candidates including 302 from political parties, four independent candidates, 26, 10 for people living with disabilities and 179 for women slots.

According to the National Electoral Commission (NEC), the campaigns will end on September 1, one day before the voting day.

About  7.1 million Rwandans are expected to elect MPs who will take seats in the Lower House of what will be the country’s fourth democratically elected parliament since the end of the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi.

Photo: Democratic Green Party of Rwanda holding a rally in Rubavu and chanting DGPR name and their manifesto


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