Nyabihu rural residents suffer poor internet services

Poor internet connection in rural areas of Nyabihu District, in western Province, is slowing down the government’s targets for ICT 2020 vision.

Residents say they are still lagging behind on government ICT services including Irembo initiative, due to lack of ICT gadgets and internet services in their communities, pleading for training on ICT use, and boost the internet connection in the area.

Mr. Theoneste Mvunabandi from Rurembo Sector, said, “I don’t get ICT services including the internet in this town center, and whenever I want the services that require the internet like Irembo, I have to move a distance for four hours to Gasiza or Mukamira where the internet is available.”

He stressed that it is even tiresome to walk the long distance to these centers and often told to wait for the internet connection to get stable for accessing the services

“I thank Rwandan government for introducing the ICT driven initiative like Irembo but we really we are not accessing the services appropriately,” said, Ms. Mukawera Eugenie of Mulinga sector

She added that most of the rural people at the same age range from 60years to 70years don’t know how to use the internet to get the value of Irembo initiative,

“I always have to look for someone to guide me through to the Centre where I can get the services but I walk for long distance from my village to the Centre,” stressed Ms. Mukawera.

I plead with the relevant ministry to avail the services nearby our town centers and train our sons and daughters on how to use the services so that they will help us to benefit from Irembo initiative,

Mr. Theoneste Gashugi, Director of BDE Unit in Nyabihu said, Rwanda government opened up business development center (BDC) and it put up six computers in every sector in a bid to provide youth with training on ICTs.

‘We allow students from each household in holidays to come and have free training, these skills will be used to help parents on accessing Irembo initiative at town centers,” He said.

Mr. Gashugi noted that they encourage the youth to open up cybercafé and ensured their support by Business Development Fund (BDF) which stands for them as guarantor to get the loans from SACCOs up to 75%.” Slow internet connection is still a challenge as only government institutions with access to fiber optics get relief of it. However, rural internet businesses use the modems to deal with the internet connection problem,” he added.


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